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Who is this book for?

This book is written for the HTML developer who is trying to make the leap into Dynamic HTML and javascript. Let's face it, you can't do HTML forever, every kid coming out of college has a web page up and knows HTML. You need to make the next step in web development and Dynamic HTML is it.

This book is for the people that do the grunt work of web development. They take graphics from the art department and text from the editors and work magic with tables in order to get things to look correct. They update Internet sites and Intranet sites. Caffeine and stress are key ingredients in they're lives and their non-technical boss can't seem to figure out why its so hard to put up a page, "After all, the graphics and words are already done!" Their boss wants a cool pop-out menu that he saw on the Discovery Channel site or the flying logo he saw while his kids were at the Disney site last night. This book is for the oppressed masses that cry out for an example they can take apart and understand! This book is about Dynamic HTML demos explained in clear no nonsense language.

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