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Well Netscape 5 never actually came out, they went straight to Netscape 6 which at first impression is very buggy and very incompatible with older Dynamic HTML. I won't be updating the Netscape 4 code to work with Netscape 6.


This information comes for Mozilla, the source code site for the next generation of browser from Netscape. Here at DHTML Demos we will be focusing on the Document Object Model and the Next Generation Layout Engine (NGLayout). I'll put up more when something specific becomes available. BTW Netscape 4.5 will not include any DHTML upgrades.

The NGLayout engine was designed from the ground up to offer the following benefits:

  • Layout
    • Very fast; really fast; as fast as possible
    • Incremental reflow, including tables and integration with DOM
    • Backward compatibility with Netscape Navigator 4.0;
    • Support for HTML 4.0
    • Pagination, control over running matter
  • Rendering
    • High-performance rendering enhancements
    • Double-buffered rendering on demand
    • High-end graphic capabilities, including alpha blending
  • Style
    • Full HTML 3.x style support; limited HTML 4.x style support
    • Full CSS implementation; limited CSS 2 support
  • DOM
    • Compatible with previous Netscape navigator releases.
    • Full W3C Level 1 DOM support available in JavaScript and C++.
  • Parser
    • Fully backward-compatible with Navigator 4.x and Internet Explorer
    • Limited DTD support
    • Extensible tag handling
  • Embeddable
    • "WebWidget" API allows developers to embed NGLayout in their own custom applications.
  • Configurable
    • XPCom interface support allows for run-time extensions to the underlying system
    • Portions of the UI are expressable as HTML
  • Extensible
    • Dynamic tag handling, making it possible to give layout and rendering behavior to your new tags
    • XML and RDF support
    • XPCom-based implementation permitting incremental upgrade of underlying systems

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